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26 stunning photos of Stirling we just love

City of Stirling - Wallace Monument

Stirling’s one of those places where you’ll very rarely take a bad photo. It was once the capital of Scotland and still maintains some of that grandeur through its historic architecture and location at the heart of Scotland. There’s nothing better than walking through this great city – camera or phone in hand – and

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The best ways to beat the Freshers 15 in Stirling

Domino's Pizza at Stirling Uni's Freshers Week 2016

The ‘Freshers 15’ will likely strike all students sooner or later – especially given the copious free pizza dished out by Domino’s in the Atrium during Freshers Week. The Freshers 15 – the UK version of the ‘Freshman 15’ – refers to the average amount of weight you supposedly gain in your first year of study at

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Here’s everything you can blag at Freebies Fayre 2016

FREE DOMINO’S PIZZA. If you need more reasons to come along to the 2016 Freshers Freebies Fayre, here’s what you can grab. For free. There’s also loads of cool stalls, free pizza (did we mention that?), important information, deals and discounts. Freebies Fayre runs from 9:00am until 4:00pm in the Atrium on Monday 12th September 2016. Rainbow

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16 things as old as our 2016 Freshers

Most members of 2016’s incoming class were born in 1998 or thereabouts – the year of Furby, DVDs and Pokemon. As #Stirling2020 begin the next chapter of their lives, we’re looking back 18 years for some other significant events that year. The Millennium Dome A marvel of modern architecture or another white elephant? Loved by

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