The best ways to beat the Freshers 15 in Stirling

Domino's Pizza at Stirling Uni's Freshers Week 2016

The ‘Freshers 15’ will likely strike all students sooner or later – especially given the copious free pizza dished out by Domino’s in the Atrium during Freshers Week.

The Freshers 15 – the UK version of the ‘Freshman 15’ – refers to the average amount of weight you supposedly gain in your first year of study at university. We’ve been there and done it all before, so we’re sharing our top tips for beating the Freshers 15.

Around Airthrey Loch

Distance: 2.4km

This one’s on campus, so there’s no excuse! A lap of Airthrey Loch is just under 2.5km – Stirling-based elite triathlete Russell White can run all the way round in 7 minutes 36 seconds. Our personal best is embarrassingly longer than that.

Photo of the loch on campus
Round the loch twice and you’ll reach 5k.

Into town via Cambuskenneth

Distance: 4.5km

The route into Stirling through Cambuskenneth is roughly 4.5km and should take just about an hour, walking at a steady pace. You’ll see some incredible scenery along the way, including shots of the Wallace Monument, the River Forth and Stirling Castle. You can even stop for an ice cream at local legends Corrieri’s on the way back to campus.

Take up a sport

One of the easiest ways to keep in shape is to do something you love – thankfully, Stirling Student Union has something for everyone. Regular training and play will help beat the Freshers 15 – and the social side is great for making friends for life.

Join the Sports Centre

We’ve got one of the best sports and fitness facilities in Scotland – why not take advantage of it? There’s fitness classes to go along with the extensive free weights section and resistance machines, along with an Olympic pool – where you just might run into some bona fide Olympians.

People using kettlebells at the University of Stirling sports centre
Kettlebells: absolutely solid.

Up Dumyat

Distance: 8km

If you’re up for a challenge, going up Dumyat will surely test the old getaway sticks – and your hamstrings will never forgive you.

Steep gradients await those who take on the challenge, which takes roughly an hour to walk up and 45mns down, but it’s worth it for the views alone. Just wear sensible footwear and warm clothing. The Dumyat Hill Race is also an option for the hardy.

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