Top 5 day trip ideas within an hour of Stirling 


There’s lots of great things to do in Stirling, but it’s also great to get out and explore, which is easy to do when there are plenty of things that you can get to in an hour or less! I’m going to share my top 5 day trip ideas within an hour of Stirling 

I’ll start with the more obvious places to go of the five – Edinburgh and Glasgow!  


Edinburgh is only 40 minutes away from Stirling by train and these are regular every day of the week and with a railcard it only costs around £6 to get there and back. There’s plenty for you to do in the city, although one of my favourite things to do is try out different cafes and restaurants, as well as have a wonder around the shops. One café I recently tried is the Konj Café, which not only has Persian food but also lots of sweet treats! I would highly recommend the saffron late and Persian love cake. If you’re looking for something to do on a lower budget, you can always take a picnic with you on a sunny day and go and sit in the Princes street gardens.  


Another must visit is Glasgow! Again, this city has tonnes to offer, and is affordable and quick to get to, with the journey being just 30 minutes. From shops, to restaurants, to concerts there’s always something going on in Glasgow! It has it’s own cat café (which is great if you’re missing a furry friend at home), and even a pottery painting studio which makes for a great creative afternoon. There are also loads of gigs going on in Glasgow from internationally renowned bands and singers to the less well known, I even spent an evening at an Irish bands gig – not my usual cup of tea but it was surprisingly good! As I said, there’s always something going on in this lively city, whether you want something fast paced, or perhaps something a bit more laid back.  

Blair Drummond Safari Park  

Why not take a break from your uni work and go and see some animals! You can see all sorts of animals from penguins to lions and the more common farm animals. From Stirling Bus Station (right in the centre of town) it’ll take around 30 minutes. Tickets for students are only £14 which isn’t too bad for a whole day out! It would be a great day out during reading week or if you have a day off midweek and you can avoid all the crowds! I must admit I haven’t actually visited yet, but it’s definitely on my to-do list after exams are done and I’ve only heard good things about it!  

The Kelpies  

Another must see whilst you’re studying at Stirling is the Kelpies! If you’re wondering what a kelpie is, it’s a shape-changing aquatic spirit from Scottish legend. Usually in the shape of a horse head. It’s a lovely walk and definitely worth a visit. The quickest way to get there from Stirling is to drive, which makes it a fun activity to do if family are coming to visit, but you can also get there via public transport. Taking the train to Falkirk from Stirling, and then getting a bus.  This is a perfect activity for a sunny day – and the café there sells ice cream.  

Climb Dumyat  

Why not do something a little bit closer to the university and try climbing Dumyat? Dumyat is the hill you can see in the back of any loch pictures! It’s tradition that you climb it at least once during your time as a student. You can easily access this walk from campus and it’s a great few hours out with friends. Make sure to take some snacks and water with you with and wear sensible shoes. It’s also probably advisable to go out with someone whose gone up before so you know where you’re going!  

I hope you enjoyed reading about my top 5 day trip ideas within an hour of Stirling  There are plenty more and I hope that you get to enjoy them during your time as a student at the University!  

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