Visiting the Edinburgh and Glasgow Christmas Markets! [STUDENT BLOG]

Last week, we sent three of our Student Ambassadors to explore the Christmas markets in Edinburgh and Glasgow. As it’s their first time in Scotland for Christmas, they discovered lots of new things to enjoy!



It only takes half an hour by train from Stirling to Glasgow. You will never feel bored on the train journey, because the scenery is so eye-catching and peaceful. The Christmas market is right outside the train station at Queen Street. Bells, lights and amusements make the whole market very Christmassy. It was filled with people walking around, enjoying festive food and drink and buying treats.

Traders from across the globe set up stalls on the square. There were a range of goods for you to choose from! Some sold candy and chocolate, others sold many kinds of crafts and decorations such as delicate dolls, candles, and stars. Towards the end of the market, there was a big Ferris wheel with shining white lights, encouraging you to have fun and enjoy the romance. Even though it was raining, the market was still full of festivity, with people laughing and chatting. A great first visit to Glasgow’s Christmas market!

Glasgow Christmas market
Chocolate stall at the Christmas market


Although Glasgow’s Christmas market is not as big as Edinburgh’s, it is still warm, romantic and full of festive excitement. Once you get out of Glasgow Queen Street train station you can see the street lamp posts and trees covered with colorful lights. It only takes five minutes to walk to the Christmas market.

Shops in the shape of cabins are filled with Christmas decorations, such as Christmas wreaths, balls, lights and toys. Some shops even have cute statues of Santa Claus in front of their doors. Many people come here for shopping, taking photos, and enjoying the warm and happy atmosphere of Christmas with their families. We had a great time there with friends!

Girl smiling in front of light up bauble
Stall at the Christmas market



It will take about 45 minutes by train from Stirling to Edinburgh. It will take you right into the city centre, so it is quite convenient. Many people in Stirling will go to Edinburgh to enjoy one of the most important Christmas events there: the Edinburgh Christmas market. The market begins on November 16th each year and ends on January 4th. It takes place in the East Princes Street Garden on Princes Street. It’s a very busy place with lots of people excited to visit during the run up to Christmas.

View of Edinburgh Christmas market and castle
Two women smiling on a fairground ride at the market.

You can find lots of different goods such as handmade crafts, woolen scarfs in Scottish style, lanterns, dishes, leather notebooks, bags and more. There are also hot and delicious snacks like special mulled wines, tasty hot dogs and sweet waffles. Last but not least, a large amusement park has been set up with carousels and a romantic Ferris wheel which overlooks Edinburgh from the highest point. You don’t want to miss out on such a bustling and festive Christmas event!

Group of students smiling with unicorn balloon
Christmas market stall

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