Launch of Student Services Hub Blog

As of September 2016, Student Services have formed the Student Services Hub – a one stop shop for all UofS student enquiries.

The Hub deals with all matters concerning Academic Registry, Student Learning Services, Careers and Employability, Student Support Services, and elements of the Income Office. Part of the team include Student Assistants (that’s us) – students employed to give you first hand assistance, support at events, help with gathering feedback, writing and more.

What does the Hub do?

The Hub is there to help every service to work closer together, and saves you the hassle of navigating the labyrinthine corridors of the Cottrell building. You’ll find us at Cottrell 2Z for now but we’ll soon be moving to a new shiny space in 2A1, or you can drop us an email at (don’t forget to add your student number). We can help with enrolment, module registration, financial advice, aid you in your essay worries, and so much more.

How can the Hub blog help me?

The Hub blog deals with just about every aspect of the student life – not only the academia. We provide help and tips on getting the best out of your student experience, and this blog aims to do just that. No area is too small and insignificant to discuss, and no problem too big to tackle. Plus being written by fellow students for students we hope it’s going to be pretty useful to you!

We’ll look over some of these topics in our blog:

  • Tips and tricks on budgeting
  • How to deal with homesickness
  • Places to look for scholarships
  • Getting the best out of your gap year
  • Working and studying at the same time
  • Counselling
  • Accommodation
  • Cooking on a budget
  • Getting involved in UofS life

… and much more!

In addition to help and tips, we’ll frequently post about events happening in and out of university, so you can keep on top of things and end the perpetual confusion of what is going on in the Atrium. Want us to discuss something that has been sitting on your mind? Let us know your blog ideas by emailing

– Gabriele Misgirdaite, Student Assistant

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