Freshers 101: How to make the most of Freshers Week

You’ve made it. You’ve squeezed your life into a suitcase and into your new room. Now what? You’re probably filled with equal doses of excitement and worry about starting university. Here’s some tips for getting the most out of your first few weeks as a university student!

Before you arrive

Check the welcome emails the University of Stirling has sent you and follow our various social media channels (on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) for the latest info, advice and guidance throughout your time at university. Check your timetable online and find out what other info is available to you on the website: .

Do your life admin

Okay, we get that spending time doing paperwork isn’t quite the exciting Welcome 2021 you were hoping for, but getting tasks like enrolling onto your course, opening a bank account, and registering at the doctors and dentist out of the way nice and early will make you feel much more confident about what’s ahead when university actually starts.

Arriving at your accommodation

Get yourself into your accommodation and unpack as soon as you can. You’ll most likely be a busy bee in the days (and weeks) to come, so make sure your place is as comfortable as possible from the get-go. Truly make it your home away from home!

Check out the support (and use it)

Use the support and help available to you. From the STEER team (our peer mentoring programme in run by The Students’ Union which offers one-to-one support from a current student for your first year of study), your lecturers, to the Student Support Service, everyone is here to help!

Go and explore

It’s good to get to know your surroundings. Start with your accommodation – where’s the laundrette, reception, etc. Then move on to your wider surroundings. Think along the lines of: What’s the best route to your lectures? Where should you do a ‘proper’ food shop? Pro tip: explore with a (newly-made) friend and make it into a nice bonding experience!

Take part in Welcome Week activities

The university, the students’ union, your accommodation – we’ll all organise welcome activities to introduce you to new places and people, both on campus and online.

You can find out more information about our Welcome Week events here.

Check out the clubs and societies

At the University of Stirling, there are designated clubs and societies fairs, so make sure to shop around and see what’s on offer. Try before you buy by signing up and attending one of the Student Union’s Give-it-a-go sessions!

Pro tip: joining a club or society can do wonders for your CV! We know the world of work is still a wee while away, but you can never be too prepared.

Get on that student discount ASAP

Once you’ve fully enrolled and received your Student ID, make sure you whip that bad boy out at every given opportunity so you can get student discount. Even if a restaurant or shop doesn’t advertise a student discount, it’s always worth asking!

Check out our blog on how to make friends at university for practical advice that will help you settle into university life! 

We’re excited to welcome you back onto campus. We’re doing everything we can to make sure you feel safe at all times and you can find out what you need to know ahead of coming to campus on our website.

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