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Two fighters of University of Stirling's Muay Thai Club
Rory and Elliot
Rory and Elliott

We joined the Stirling University Muay Thai Boxing club for a training session on Wednesday 28th September. Club President Rory Cummings and Treasurer Elliott Mpezeni told us all about ‘the art of eight limbs‘ – and how it’s great for self-defence, improving fitness and above all, stress relief.

What levels of experience do you cater for?

From complete beginners who have never thrown a punch in their life to those who aim to compete on the national circuit. We’ve got something for everyone.

Why did you join this club?

We both ended up joining Muay Thai for the same reason – we got to know people who took part in the sport already. They suggested we should come along and stick it out. Clearly we’ve enjoyed it and we’re still here today!

Smiling fighter at Stirling Uni Muay Thai club
Muay Thai: more than just knocking lumps out of each other.

What sets your club apart from others?

Muay Thai is a sport for individuals, but we’re still a team. Everybody fights and grows in their own ways but we all support each other. What makes us different is that you can have your own individuality – but not in isolation.

Our coach is Adam Stevenson. He’s a former professional fighter in boxing, muay thai and MMA. He’s a very experienced coach who only teaches techniques that he has personally used in his combat career, so what we’re taught is totally authentic muay thai.

Female fighters sparring at Stirling University Muay Thai club

Describe your club in one word.


Elliott Mpezeni of Stirling University Muay Thai Boxing club

What does your club do socially?

We do a wide range of things. From your standard night out to potlucks, to watching fights on TV at other member’s houses, to just chilling. We all get along and we’re quite easy going.

Last words: What would you say to someone thinking of taking up Muay Thai?

Just come along and give it a try! You’ll either love it or hate it – most people love it, though. You won’t know until you come down and have a go, so come down and train with us.

Our competing members didn’t get good overnight. Everybody has to start somewhere. Even if you don’t join to compete, it’s still great fitness and we’ll be happy to have you.

Laughing girl at Stirling Uni Muay Thai club
Muay Thai is great for self-defence and fitness – and fun too.

Want to give it a go?

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