Postgraduate Perspective – Christopher Schneiders

Christopher Schneiders

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Why Stirling?

I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to continue studying at the University of Stirling after completing my undergraduate degree in Sports Studies. After completing the course, I wanted to further strengthen my passion for sport, learn many new cultural, social and historical aspects of sport and develop the skills required for the sport management industry. It was, therefore, an obvious choice for me to apply for a place on the MSc course in Sport Management at this University of Sporting Excellence.

Throughout both my undergraduate and postgraduate studies I have benefited from the excellent teaching and knowledge of the tutors, outstanding research experience and exceptional facilities at the University. A vital component for me to apply for a postgraduate place at the University of Stirling, was the opportunity to combine both my academic interests with my interests of participating in sport – the University provides perfect opportunities to do this.

Another factor that motivated me to apply for the Sport Management course was that the Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport is regarded as internationally excellent with global connections. The faculty has a great commitment to international contacts and the course was ranked 3rd in the UK by SportBusiness International in 2017. This has allowed me to specialise and develop key management skills, gain insights into the global sports industry and how it operates, and to acquire an understanding of business, finance and marketing including the ability to apply the research methods I have learned during my course. The opportunity to engage in an internship over 12 weeks, offered as part of the MSc course, has allowed me to earn invaluable practical experience, to learn about the industry at first hand, guided by professionals, and apply the knowledge and skills gained during the course. Given the rapid growth and competitive environment in the sports industry which will require experienced professionals with a high level of training in the future, I believe the MSc course will provide me with first-class preparation to take up such a position and enhance my employability for a career in the sports world.

The University has offered me exceptional opportunities e.g. to coach swimming, represent the University as a Student Ambassador, work as an International Assistant in Recruitment & Admissions and within the framework of internship with the Scottish Football Association. My work experience to date has enabled me to interact and communicate effectively with a wide range of people.

Application Process

The application process is very easy to complete and requires prospective students to provide a personal statement, CV and a reference. Another great feature of the application process, is the fact that I received my confirmation within a few days of applying. This allowed me to use the time available to prepare my accommodation in Stirling plenty of time in advance of my course beginning in September. Regarding accommodation, Stirling provides fantastic opportunities both on- and off-campus. The cost of living in Stirling is affordable and it was easy for me to secure a place to live.

Beyond Study

On a more personal level, I have made lifelong friends, experienced a vibrant student community and an exciting interdisciplinary environment. I have loved the social and competitive side of actively participating in sports or coaching sports. I can recommend anyone to apply at the University of Stirling as you will have an exceptional experience on this beautiful campus.

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