Student Blog – 7 Things I wish I knew before starting uni

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Jade Holmes – 3rd Year Student

Starting anything new can be a pretty daunting experience, you will likely ask yourself a million questions in your head … What if this happens? Or this happens? Don’t worry though, that is completely normal.

Here are a few things I wish I had known before coming to uni.


So, you may be nervy to meet new people, or to move to a new place, perhaps just nervous in general about the whole experience. My advice is don’t overthink! Everyone who is coming to uni for the first time or to a new uni, is in the same boat. I had this concern too, but you will make friends, you will find your classes (eventually) and you will fit in and find your way through the whole experience.


Uni can be a massive step up, so don’t panic if you are struggling with your classes.

My top tips are;

  • Join your classes/course group chat – See what others are saying
  • Ask other students for help
  • Ask your class tutor
  • If you need advice on your studies, ask your personal tutor


I personally found it difficult coming straight from school to uni, it was all a bit overwhelming, but I didn’t want to tell anyone back home, as I didn’t want to disappoint them. Only towards the end of my first year did I discover the fab work the health and wellbeing team do. 

So if you are struggling with your health and wellbeing , know that there are people who can help you handle this and don’t be afraid to drop an email to the Student Supports Services team – whether you need advice or more support just ask.


My big regret of first year was that I didn’t join a team or society, I was really apprehensive that they would be cliquey, and I would be the newbie, but finally in second year I joined the women’s lacrosse team and they were all so welcoming and now I am part of a fab team.

So, if there is a club or society you’re thinking of joining, definitely check them out.

There is a whole bunch to choose from, check out the union webpage for a list and if one interests you, look at their social media pages.


If you are tracking your finances, then definitely make a budget plan to include all bills and social aspects, but overcalculate it so you will always have a little money left over.


I would advise on the day you don’t have any classes, take this time to tidy your room and personal space, maybe do some laundry. Also use this time to organise your desk, notes and prep class work. You’ll find that your desk can get pretty unorganised quickly.


Personally, I think this should be a 50/50 balance, but just find what works best for you.

Make sure that you’re not overloaded with work and take some time for yourself. Plan study and social time. Remember the safe taxi scheme if you are going out in town and check if the clubs have phone chargers.

On a final note, just be yourself,  and if you are unsure of anything just ask, I hope some of this has been of use to you.

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