Where to eat on campus [STUDENT BLOG]

Students eating outside at Refresh

Now that you’re back on campus, we wanted to share some of the best places to refuel and hang out whilst you’re here, including some exciting new additions. We asked one of our Student Ambassadors, Ruby, to tell us about some of her favourites! If you’re looking for any of the places she mentions, here’s a handy campus map to point you in the right direction.

Two Chinese students talking over coffee in The Union


Location: Students Union

I love Starbucks so this is my other go-to place! They have a fantastic eating environment and it is very spacious. You can either eat inside on the couch while doing homework on your computer or talking to your friends or sit outside on a sunny day, watching the ducks and swans walking on the lawn. Great hangout place!

Opening times: Monday to Friday 10am-6:30pm, Saturday and Sunday: 12pm-5pm


Location: Cottrell Building

Super convenient for those who just finished class/on the way to class or library. Grab some food or Grumpy Mule coffee with your classmates and friends during a study break.

Opening times: Monday to Friday 8am-5pm

Crush Hall Pod

Location:Pathfoot Building

Serving Costa coffee, here you can find all kinds of rolls, sandwiches, cakes and fruit. For those who have lectures in Pathfoot building, stop by during your break.

Opening times: Monday to Friday 8am-4pm

Pathfoot Eatery


Where should you go if you feel like a meal but your friends only want some snacks and drinks? Pathfoot Eatery of course! They provide all kinds of hot food dishes as well as snacks. It’s best for lunch as it’s open from 11:30am to 2:30pm.

Urban Grill (brand new!)

Location: Logie Lecture Theatre

Head to the latest food truck on campus for some Mexican street food! You can choose from burritos, loaded hot dogs, rice bowls and more. They also serve hot rolls and drinks in the morning.

Opening times: Monday – Friday: 8:00am—3:00pm

food in haldanes

Haldane’s Restaurant

Location:Andrew Miller Building

I love this place! It is a pretty spacious dining area. You can find food from all over the world here, including Scottish food, Mexican food and Italian food. They also have a lovely salad bar!

Opening times: Monday to Friday 8am-5pm

V-Go! At Haldane’s

Location: Inside Haldane’s

Vegan café, V-Go!, has relocated to its own dedicated vegan space in Haldane’s. Here you can find vegan soup, baked potatoes, wraps and salad. If you don’t feel like a whole meal, you can grab some snacks and coffee there too. All 100% vegan!

Opening times: Monday to Friday 11am-3pm

Lochside Cabin at Haldane’s (brand new!)

Location: Outside Haldane’s

Enjoy a break at this pretty coffee shop by the loch. Grab and go a freshly ground, triple certified coffee and maybe a sweet treat too.

Opening times: Monday to Friday 11am-3pm

Three girls in Refresh Cafe chatting and drinking coffee

Refresh Bar and Bistro

Location:Willow Court

Another of my favourites! Refresh is located at Willow Court, super convenient for those who live on campus. The best thing about it is that it opens all the way till 10pm! Convenient location with great environment and delicious food, who wouldn’t love this place? They provide Scottish breakfast, burgers, pizza and delicious desserts. Try their ribs if you go!

Opening times: Monday to Friday 8:30am-10pm, Saturday and Sunday: 8am-5pm

Sports Café

Location: Gym

If you want to have something in your stomach before your workout or something to eat afterwards, this is your best choice. You can find cold drinks, coffee, soup, sandwiches, bagels, salad and cake here!

Opening times: Monday to Friday 7am-8pm, Saturday and Sunday: 7am-5pm

This article only includes some of the dining places on campus. For the complete list, please visit the University of Stirling website

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