5 Reasons to Study in Scotland

Let’s be honest: there’s nowhere on planet earth quite like Scotland.

Our little country is warm, welcoming and totally inclusive. With our vibrant cities, historic landmarks and breathtaking scenery, you’re never far from adventure here.

That’s just one reason why Scotland was named the most beautiful country in the world by Rough Guides in 2019 — but we’ll talk stunning scenery in just a minute.

The truth is that there are loads of reasons you should want to live and study in Scotland. So to whet your appetite, let’s break down why we know you’re going to absolutely love it here.

Breathtaking scenery

There’s no way around it: Scotland is absolutely beautiful.

Only in Scotland can you venture to the endless white beaches of the west coast, conquer the UK’s highest peaks, or soak in the beauty of more than 30,000 freshwater lochs. Our country is a never-ending parade of cinematic panoramas (which is probably why so many films are shot here), and Scotland’s countryside and coastline are full of surprises.

We’ve got everything from wild dolphins and ancient forests, to architectural wonders and traces of ancient civilizations.

Image of a traditional Burns supper of haggic, potatoes and turnips.

One-of-a-kind cuisine

Scotland might be infamous for its orange soft drinks and deep-fried pizzas, but the truth is Scotland is also world-renowned for its unique cuisine and internationally acclaimed whisky.

The country boasts an incredible culinary tradition and has ten Michelin-starred restaurants. No Scottish experience is complete without a hearty serving of haggis, neeps and tatties, and many of the world’s top whisky distilleries are found in the local countryside and neighbouring Highlands (here at Stirling, we’ve even got a few just around the corner).

Translation: if you’re into food and drink, Scotland is the place to be.

Sport, sport and more sport

If you’re into sport, you belong in Scotland (and more specifically, you belong at the University of Stirling).

The Scots invented golf, curling and cycling, and have had a major impact on the development of rugby, hockey and football. From the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games medal haul, to hosting the 2018 European Championships, Scotland is a haven for sporting success.

With world-class facilities, strong community links and our great outdoors just waiting for you, why not take up a new sport or outdoor activity when you’re here?

PS. Did we mention that Stirling is Scotland’s University for Sporting Excellence? We’ve also recently opened an iconic new sports centre for staff, students and members of the wider community to get fit, have fun and compete.


Scotland’s full of great cultural experiences — from its rich heritage and history, to vibrant festivals and celebrations, each month brings something new and exciting.

And if you really want to get in on the ground floor of Scottish culture, Stirling is the perfect place to start.

Stirling is a thriving cultural hub with galleries, museums, cinemas and even some filming locations (Outlander, anyone?).

But you don’t need to venture outside the campus for your entertainment fix. University of Stirling students can access the best arts, comedy and theatre at the Macrobert Arts Centre right here on campus. Our community arts venue showcases the latest arthouse and mainstream cinema, live performances and art exhibitions.


Chances are, you’ve heard of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. But what about Glasgow’s Style Mile?

Scotland’s largest city plays home to the UK’s biggest and boldest shopping district outside of London. But if you venture further afield, you’ll get to explore all sorts of incredibly independent shops curated by some of the world’s most jaw-dropping creatives.

Thinking about joining us in Stirling? Our city has everything you could hope for in a premier shopping destination.

Stirling’s historic Victorian arcade, bustling high street and Thistles Shopping Centre boast all the biggest brands and quirky independent shops.

The Thistles has a selection of high street and speciality stores, while Stirling’s Victorian Arcade in the historic Old Town has unique independent boutiques. For the ultimate shopping experience, you can’t go wrong with Stirling’s mix of independent shops and top brands.

OK, at this point you probably get the idea: Scotland is absolutely incredible. Why would you want to study anywhere else in the world?

But believe it or not, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are loads more reasons you belong in Scotland. Check out our website and discover for yourself what’s waiting for you in the world’s most beautiful country.

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