Alumni stories: Eugene Bobrov

Joining us remotely from China, Ukrainian student Eugene Bobrov recently completed his MSc Sport Performance Coaching (Online). Read on to discover Eugene’s stellar journey and find out how achieving his Masters has helped fuel his passion and boost his career.

Eugene Bobrov’s passion for football began in his hometown of Donetsk, Ukraine, where he played as a semi-professional player.

But he was later inspired to further develop that passion by exploring youth coaching abroad. Eugene was keen to take on new challenges, and friends described China as a unique place to leverage opportunities and develop a career in sport — particularly due to a shortage of grassroots coaches familiar with basic football principles for working with the youngest players.

Eugene ultimately decided to make the move to China in 2014 after safety concerns in Donetsk became far greater. And so he leveraged existing connections to secure a post in the city of Shenzhen coaching for FC Shenzhen Greenfield.

After seven years of experience working as a youth coach in Shenzhen, Eugene wanted to explore an increasing shift away from exam-oriented sports education towards a more comprehensive training style that focused not only on technical training, but also emphasise the cultivation of students’ interests, ways of thinking, and overall abilities. 

That’s why Eugene decided to return to university to achieve a Masters degree in sports education — which is what led him to the University of Stirling.

Achieving more at the University of Stirling

Stirling is Scotland’s University for Sporting Excellence, and a true pioneer in the field. That’s why Stirling launched the innovative MSc Sport Performance Coaching (Online) course in 2010. The first of its kind in Scotland, this flexible, part-time degree course was designed to give experienced coaches the chance to improve their coaching knowledge and skills through cutting-edge best practice and research.

The skills, expertise, and research reputation of Stirling and its Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport instantly attracted Eugene. Meanwhile, the course’s part-time and remote delivery proved instrumental in allowing Eugene to continue building his coaching skills without having to leave his existing role at FC Shenzhen Greenfield (or China).

In addition to Stirling’s flexible learning opportunities, Eugene also says he found the warm atmosphere and strong support within the University’ of Stirling’s community second-to-none — giving him a positive student experience he’ll never forget. This included close communication and feedback from lecturers and teaching staff, as well as unique friendships with fellow coaches from all over the world.

Graduating with his Masters degree in June 2023, Eugene was able to utilise his studies to cultivate a new mindset that combines both the theoretical knowledge and progressive attitudes and research he needed to further boost his career and enhance the player experiences for those he coaches.

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