Five Student Stories from Summer Graduation 2018

We spoke to loads of happy grads on both days – here’s what five of them had to say about Graduation, their time at Stirling and plans for the future.

Kate Penton-Voak

BA (Hons) Criminology and Sociology

Kate Penton-Voak

“I had always wanted an internship and struggled to get one in the summer months as I would usually go back home to Germany and see my parents,” she said. “The University offered me the Careers and Employability Internship, which allowed me to have a paid internship for a year alongside my studies, as opposed to in the holidays.

“It helped me develop my social media marketing skills and my confidence in networking and advertising on social media. I also improved my communication skills by working with other members of staff, and gained experience in events planning and management.”

Mark Pirie

BA (Hons) Sport Studies

Mark Pirie

“The University of Stirling is the best in Scotland for sport,” Mark explained. “I love the atmosphere at the University, its values are similar to my own, and I just knew that this would be a great place to study, work and meet new people.”

“I went to Malmö, in Sweden, for six months and had the time of my life. For anybody who wants to study abroad, I’d highly recommend it – this was another reason Stirling was so appealing to me.”

Ashley Cameron

BA (Hons) History and Politics

Ashley Cameron

“I think the teaching at Stirling is really varied which for the most part was really refreshing. I really valued all those different approaches to enhancing our learning.”

“Most of all I valued the support from my tutors. I lost a few friends and family members during my time at university and don’t feel I would have stuck with it without the support my tutors offered me.”

Asya Filipova

BA (Hons) Journalism and Politics

Asya Filipova

“I remember I opened Stirling’s Facebook page and saw pictures of newly hatched cygnets and ducklings. I just thought to myself: ‘this is my place’ – and just like that, it was.”

“I went on a semester abroad in Kansas. It was a fantastic time and it just mostly confirmed what I’d learned from coming to Scotland – living in a new place helps you make a better sense of the world and of yourself.”

Fergus Roberts

BSc (Hons) Environmental Geography

“The facilities at the University are great and have given me the best opportunities,” he continued. “With the help of the University and the Winning Students scholarship, I have been very lucky to compete and train all over the world.

“The highlights include competing in a World Cup in Capetown and being selected as a reserve for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games this year.”

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