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Your welcome checklist

This is it: you’ve put in the work, secured an offer and it’s almost time to join us here at the University of Stirling. We’re so excited to welcome you onto campus (or online), and we want to do our… Continue Reading →

Freshers 101: How to make the most of Freshers’ Week

You’ve made it. You’ve squeezed your life into a suitcase and into your new room. Now what? You’re probably filled with equal doses of excitement and worry about starting university. Here’s some tips for getting the most out of your… Continue Reading →

Your Stirling Bucket List

Are you ready for adventure? Heading off to uni is all about trying new things. You’re going to be surrounded by loads of amazing people from all over the world. You’ll experience countless new sights, sounds, tastes and experiences –… Continue Reading →

Nine things you might not know about the University of Stirling

Heading to the University of Stirling this September? Studying here is an unforgettable experience. Discover more about us to see why.

3 ways to deal with exam stress [TIPS]

Exam stress can be a challenging part of study – there’s no getting away from it. And if you’re feeling the burn, it’s not always that easy to get back to a more chilled state of mind. Katie Lee, Head of Student… Continue Reading →

26 stunning photos of Stirling we just love

Stirling’s one of those places where you’ll very rarely take a bad photo. It was once the capital of Scotland and still maintains some of that grandeur through its historic architecture and location at the heart of Scotland. There’s nothing… Continue Reading →

‘I wish I’d known that when I went to uni’ – Stirling staff share their advice

Freshers Week is over for 2016. It’s time to get stuck into this semester’s course work, essays, dissertations and all the rest. For some of our freshers, this is only the third week they’ve spent away from home. Ever (pro-tip: Everything… Continue Reading →

The best ways to beat the Freshers 15 in Stirling

The ‘Freshers 15’ will likely strike all students sooner or later – especially given the copious free pizza dished out by Domino’s in the Atrium during Freshers Week. The Freshers 15 – the UK version of the ‘Freshman 15’ – refers to… Continue Reading →

Here’s everything you can blag at Freebies Fayre 2016

FREE DOMINO’S PIZZA. If you need more reasons to come along to the 2016 Freshers Freebies Fayre, here’s what you can grab. For free. There’s also loads of cool stalls, free pizza (did we mention that?), important information, deals and discounts. Freebies… Continue Reading →

Freshers 2016: Meningitis and septicaemia vaccinations on campus – 13/16/20th Sept

Meningitis and septicaemia are serious medical conditions. If you’re joining us this year, you need to make sure you’re protected against both. As a fresher, you’re in a high risk group – particularly if you were born after 1995. People… Continue Reading →

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