Careers advice for new graduates

University of Stirling graduate

Congratulations on coming to the end of your course at the University of Stirling.

It’s good to know that our Careers and Employability Service are here to support you now and at any time in the future –with that in mind, let’s dive into some Top Tips and advice for graduating students

Don’t worry!

This might sound blasé, but if you’re unsure about your next steps, that’s OK. You’re not alone. There is no rush to decide your future right now, and there is still plenty of support available to you. It’s fine and perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed and anxious – graduation can be scary at the best of times! Your mental health is paramount, so remember to first and foremost look after your well-being. When the time is right for you to think about your options, you can explore some of the links and information below, check out our Careers Support for Graduates resources, or talk to a Careers and Employability Consultant to help you decide where your next steps may take you. All of the below is also captured on our graduation website.

Concerned about the competitive Job Market?

We are in constant communication with employers about how they are supporting students and graduates who are applying for jobs, graduate schemes and internships.

New and innovative best recruitment practice is constantly emerging, as employers iterate on their recruiting processes in response to evolving company policies as the country reopens. On our Careers Support for Graduates CANVAS module we’ve summarised some of the information and advice we’ve received from employers; we’ve also have up to date information and resources on video interviews, virtual assessment centres, and other methods of recruitment.

International Student? Considering staying in the UK?

We are getting lots of questions about the new Graduate Work Visa, and post-study work options. We have ran, and continue to run, information sessions on this – check our events listings on TARGETConnect for the most recent sessions. We have updated information for current students on our Canvas page ‘Working in the UK after your studies’; and we also have a recording of our recent information session with Zenia Chopra covering an overview of the Skilled Worker visa and the Graduate visa. Finally, also check out the Graduate Route information from UKCISA. 

Developing your Employability

We know not everyone wants to, or can, apply for jobs immediately after graduation; you might have to had put your existing plans on hold due to current restrictions or circumstances. If that’s you, you might be considering what you could be doing over the coming weeks and months to keep your CV updated, your mind occupied, and develop new skills. We have compiled some resources for you to develop some of your digital skills through online courses and certifications. Doing a beginners’ coding course, brushing up your Excel skills, or completing a professional qualification could be what it takes to make your applications stand out in the future. You could also think about volunteering and other ways to develop your skills – we have a podcast on developing your online skills with lots of ideas to consider.

Use your Stirling network

You are part of an alumni family of over 100,000 people in 170 countries! As soon as you graduate from the University of Stirling, you automatically become a life-time member of our alumni community and qualify for a range of great benefits, including special events and reunions, discounted gym membership, online discounts and more. See all our Alumni benefits.

We in Careers & Employability work closely with our colleagues in Alumni to regularly arrange webinars and events, featuring Stirling graduates who want to share their stories of their journeys and career paths after graduation. These run all year round and have different topics and themes; make sure you’ve registered as a graduate with TARGETConnect and keep an eye on our social media, to find out more about our events.

What Next? Online Course for current and recent graduates 

We have worked with colleagues from across Scotland to create an online course for recent graduates who are currently looking for, or are in, their first professional jobs. Perhaps you have had to change your plans and now feel less certain about the future. Or maybe you are still looking for that moment of career inspiration. Covering a broad range of topics, but with a clear focus on short tasks and positive action, we have developed this course for you to aim to answer that important question: ‘What Next?’ 

Careers Support for Life

As a Stirling graduate you have access to the Careers and Employability Service for life. We continue to offer 1-2-1 support for career guidance, application and interview support; our Careers and Employability Consultants will be online throughout the summer and beyond to meet with you. We have appointments available now and you can book via TARGETconnect; alternatively, you can use TARGETconnect to submit careers questions, or upload a CV for review.

If you haven’t already re-registered as a graduate on TARGETconnect you will need to do so to continue your access to all the vacancies, events and appointments you could as a student.

Keep in Touch

We love to know what our graduates go on to do and hearing your success stories makes our day! Keep in touch with us – we’re on FacebookInstagramTwitter and TikTok – Use your alumni community to stay connected to Stirling.

You will be contacted in 15 months to find out what you are doing at that point and asked to take part in the national Graduate Outcomes Survey which will show where Stirling graduates are and what they are doing. Graduate Outcomes is the biggest UK annual social survey and captures the perspectives and current status of recent graduates. This builds a picture of employability for Universities across the UK and your participation is hugely appreciated.

Once again, congratulations on graduating from the University of Stirling. You did it!

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