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How do nurses manage hydration in a fast-paced environment?

“We probably don’t talk about staff hydration enough,” says Gillian, a lecturer in nursing and Emergency Department nurse of 20 years. “Shifts can be long and hard, it’s physical work and you are on your feet a lot, plus hospitals get really warm. Being dehydrated impacts concentration and the ability to make decisions. You feel

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Thirsty work – Tips for nurses to stay hydrated

Scottish male undergraduate nurse in uniform at healthcare centre

Hydration is more than just quenching thirst; it’s essential for overall health. Proper hydration ensures optimal physical and mental performance, which is particularly important for nurses who are constantly on their feet, making critical decisions, and often wearing PPE that can hinder fluid intake. Recognise the signs of dehydration Dehydration can sneak up on anyone,

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Debunking myths about hydration

Person drinking water outdoors

In the wake of #WaterTok, and the Stanley Quencher cups phenomenon in 2023, there’s been a surge in flavoured and ‘enhanced’ water products flooding the market. These products boast an ocean of claims, from better hydration to improved health, well-being, and even beauty. But amidst this hype, the crucial question remains: do these products actually

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Covid-19 bite-sized lecture series – Professor Rachel Norman

Young Boy sticking his drawing on home window during the Coronavirus Covid-19 crisis, Many people are putting a rainbow to tell neighbors that people inside this house are ok. #Stay at home.

Professor Rachel Norman, Dean for Research Engagement and Performance, University of Stirling For most of us, Covid-19 has come out of the blue and impacted our lives in ways which would have been unimaginable a few months ago. Immediate concerns in the first few weeks of the outbreak were around medical solutions to the disease:

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International Women in Science Day – Susan Fitzer

Susan Fitzer

Today marks International Day of Women and Girls in Science. To celebrate #WomenInScience, we spoke with University of Stirling Research Fellow Susan Fitzer. Name Susan Fitzer Job title  Research Fellow Course studied  Marine Biology and Oceanography degree, Applied Marine Science masters and PhD in Marine Science Briefly describe what you do and your areas of

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