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My Open Day Experience [STUDENT BLOG]

Hi there! My name is Annabelle, I am a third year (moving into forth year) politics and social policy student. I am from the North of England, despite being born in Edinburgh. When applying to Stirling I was first interested… Continue Reading →

My Open Day Experience [STUDENT BLOG]

My name is Katie Farmer and I’m from Edinburgh. After applying for five universities including Stirling for Primary Education with Specialism in environmental science I eagerly attended many open days in 2016. Prior to the Stirling open day, I had… Continue Reading →

Postgraduate Perspective – Chris Hartley

Our Postgraduate Open Day will take place on Wednesday 28 March from 3pm-7pm in our brand new INTO University of Stirling Building. Register now to secure your place. Why I chose Stirling My name is Chris, and I’m a Sport Psychology PhD student in the… Continue Reading →

“No, I don’t know what I want to do – and that’s OK” [STUDENT BLOG]

After four wonderful – at times, stressful – years at University, Graduation day is slowly but steadily approaching. What should be pure relief paired with a ‘come what may’ attitude is mixed with something else, however. Something far more unpleasant…. Continue Reading →

Stand out from the crowd | Top CV tips [STUDENT BLOG]

If someone had told you ten years ago that by 2017 we would be inaugurating Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America, and mourning the end of a two-term office led by a Hawaiian born,… Continue Reading →

How to do Christmas on a student budget [STUDENT BLOG]

Christmas is coming whether you like it or not. Step into any shop around this time of the year, and you’ll hear all the familiar songs. Love it or dread it, every bauble will remind you that ‘tis the season… Continue Reading →

How to survive Christmas in Stirling [STUDENT BLOG]

International students can join us on this one: sometimes it is simply not possible to go home during the holidays. Flatmates and friends all seem to be leaving and loneliness possibly sets in. But it doesn’t have to be that way…. Continue Reading →

6 TedX talks you need to see before your exams [STUDENT BLOG]

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that exams are the worst thing ever invented in the history of education. Oh, you have deadlines? Have some exams to go with them! Holidays coming up? Nothing kills the Christmas spirit better than a good… Continue Reading →

How to relax in 7 short steps [STUDENT BLOG]

Lectures. Essays. Lab reports. Group projects. Exams. Your social life is a distant memory. Clean clothes? Overrated. Juggling everything thrown at you whilst remaining calm and dealing with life in general can make it hard to relax and find balance. Everything becomes frantic… Continue Reading →

How to prepare for exams [STUDENT TIPS]

It’s that time of the year again with coursework due and weeks going by so fast, exams season is approaching already! Here are a few tips to help you with your preparation. Create a revision timetable Give yourself enough time… Continue Reading →

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