How to Choose the Right Course for You

Think about what you really want to do

This is the first step. Think broadly at first – what are you into? If it helps, write down or draw up all of your interests in a list or mind map. From there you can start an informed search to choose the right course (ProTip: the Course Finder on our home page can help – type in your area of interest (e.g. Maths) and all related courses will be listed for you).

Talk to people

It should go without saying, but sometime this slips the mind. Talk to people close to you – friends, family, teachers – about your plans. Chances are they’ll be able to advise or support, and sometimes it’s good to just bounce ideas off each other.

Attend an Open Day

Once you’ve narrowed down your course choices, you’ll need to choose a university (Stirling is real nice), and the best way to do that is by attending an Open Day. Make sure you chat to academic staff about your course content, life at university and what sort of career you’ll get from studying that subject.

Two people talking to a student ambassador at the University of Stirling's Open Day
Open Days can help you choose the right course – and university

Look at potential career paths

If studying is the journey, what’s the destination? Sometimes it helps to think about what you want to do as a career before you choose the right course to achieve that goal. For example, a marketing degree would be a great foundation if you want to work in advertising or PR.

Check out the course content

Check out the modules of your course. This is the bread and butter – what you’ll actually be studying day in, day out. Most University of Stirling course pages have detailed module information.

Man sitting at desk
Course modules can be a good indicator when choosing what to study.

Trust your instincts

Only you can choose the right course for you, so trust yourself. One of the great things about studying at the University of Stirling is our degree flexibility when it comes to courses – giving you freedom to choose what you want to study.

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