Erasmus in Prague – Jenna Cassidy, BA (Hons) Retail Marketing

Fourth year Retail Marketing student Jenna Cassidy spent five months of her third year in the Czech capital Prague, studying at the city’s University of Economics. The opportunity, funded through an Erasmus grant, allowed Jenna to build on her achievements at Stirling by studying an expanded range of subjects and experience alternative approaches to teaching and assessment.

Jenna explains: “Studying in Prague was completely different to my time at Stirling. My classes involved different methods of learning, including a heavy focus on group work that brought together students with perspectives from across Europe. Presenting to classmates also allowed me to develop my public speaking skills, building my confidence in this area.”

Additionally, spending time in the historic, picturesque city of Prague also brought with it a few learning curves:

“Living abroad in an international city really boosted my independence. Finding my feet in a totally different environment challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone, to think differently, and to consider situations from other angles.”

Since returning to Stirling, Jenna has continued to embrace the benefits of international learning, and has supported incoming international students from Japan as a student ambassador. She now hopes to spend some time working abroad, pursuing a career working internationally to promote Scotland and the UK abroad.

Jenna sitting on a wall overlooking Prague

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