Graduation 2023: Best Photo Spots!

Best photo spots for University of Stirling graduation

It’s nearly that time again, when our latest #UofStirling graduands gather together, don their swanky robes and strut their stuff across stage, head held high, as their name is proudly read out loud for all to hear, knowing that when you step off that stage, you are now a GRADUATE (*cheering, applause, flowers being thrown on stage etc.*)

Yes, summer graduation is upon us, the culmination of your time at the University of Stirling and your chance to make memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

In 2023, virtually everyone has an amazing camera in their pockets in the form of their smartphones and we love seeing everyones snaps on graduation day. So, being the helpful bunch we are we’ve pulled together a quick list of some of the top photo spots around campus to remember your big day and share it with the world. So take out your phones (or film cameras if you’re the retro/hipster type) and read on for our top suggestions. Cheese! 📸

1. Cottrell Hill

Ok, so it’s not much of a hill, and we pretty much just made up the name for the purposes of this blog.

But outside the Cottrell Visitor reception, you’ll find a great spot to get some snaps on your Graduation day.

Bonus points if you get the Wallace Monument in the background!

2. Campus Central

The latest edition to our stunning campus is pretty special. It’s got loads of space to meet up with friends for a coffee, grab lunch, work through that group project together, or find the space for some quiet study time.

But more importantly, Campus Central is super photogenic. There are plenty of beauty of spots around here to capture moments that you’ll never forget — and graduation definitely falls under that category.

3. Airthrey Loch and Dumyat

Would you look at that, it’s our old pal the Loch again.

This view is a fan favourite on social media, and for good reason. With Airthrey Loch, the Loch Bridge and the stunning Dumyat in full view, you’d be nuts (#SquirrelPun) not to get a shot here. Look around carefully and you will probably find the well worn footprints of countless past students who posed at this spot for…THE DISSERTATION SELFIE.

Play your cards right and you may get some well known feathered friends striking a pose in the background. Enough swanning about (#SwanPun), time to move on to number 3 on our list.

Fun fact – The name ‘Dumyat’ is thought to originate from Dun (hill fort) of the Maeatae, a confederation of tribes who lived beyond the Antonine Wall in Roman Britain. (thanks Wikipedia!).

4. Outside the halls of residence

Next up on our list, why not grab your room mates and get a photo outside your first flat? University is a place where you can make lifelong enemies friends and taking the time to get a photo with your flat buddies is something you will look back on fondly when you get homesick for Stirling (oh yes you will!).

P.S. You’re welcome back anytime 💚

5. The Loch Bridge

Another landmark feature of the Stirling campus is the Loch Bridge, a main artery which has seen countless footfall and links the halls of residence to the wider campus.

Caution should be exercised when crossing this bridge, as unsuspecting students can find themselves crashing into the back of someone who has suddenly stopped dead in their tracks to take a photo. Understandable, it’s a wonderful vantage point and one that would look great in your Graduation photo album.

6. Anywhere on campus!

Ok, maybe this one is a bit of a cop out, but we truly believe this is one of the most stunning campuses on Earth and you’d be hard pressed to take a bad photo anywhere. Being Scotland, unpredictable weather comes with the territory, so a little preparation to face the elements is always advised.

Graduation is a time for celebration but also a time for reflection. In all the hustle and bustle, selfies and perhaps a tear or two, make sure to take in the campus and remember your time here as a #UofStirling student.

So there you have it! Use this list as a guide and we fully encourage you to get creative on Graduation day.

Remember: this is your day and we hope it’s an awesome one, shared with friends and family. We’re proud of every single one of our Graduates and know you will go on to achieve great things.

Don’t forget to share your pics with us on the day by tagging us with #StirGrad. We’ll be following closely and sharing some of the best snaps that come in on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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