Here’s everything you can blag at Freebies Fayre 2016


If you need more reasons to come along to the 2016 Freshers Freebies Fayre, here’s what you can grab. For free. There’s also loads of cool stalls, free pizza (did we mention that?), important information, deals and discounts.

Freebies Fayre runs from 9:00am until 4:00pm in the Atrium on Monday 12th September 2016.

Rainbow Drops

Small, multi-coloured puffballs of happiness.

Rainbow drops sweets

Googly-eyed Dude

Everyone seems to go mad for this wee guy – who can blame them? He’ll be there for you when the going gets tough.

Fluffy google eye creature

Important stuff

Some reading material to break in your first week at Stirling. There’s a wall planner, a guide to the Union’s goings-on and loads of important information and discounts.

Papers and leaflets

Coconut water

Stay hydrated with a blast of super-healthy coconut water.

Coconut water

Hot sauce

The perfect accompaniment for any meal. Try it on your free Domino’s pizza.

two containers of hot sauce

Other important stuff


A condom

Proper Corn

This stuff is delicious, and only 60cals per pack. Tested and approved by our Communications and Marketing team.

One pack of proper corn


Because you’ll need these.

A red pen

Chocolate-y goodness

A perfect wee treat after a heavy weekend, this stuff’s packed with protein and tastes amazing.

A can of enriched milk drink

Your very own Student Union lanyard (with Freshers 2016 Guide)

Everything you need to know about Freshers 2016 in one handy pocket guide – attached to the fabled SSU lanyard.

Freshers 2016 lanyard

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