How to make the most of Graduation

Couple holding umbrella at Stirling University Graduation Winter 2015

Nearly 1600 graduates celebrated their achievements last year. Ahead of Summer Graduation 2018, we asked some folks who’ve seen it all before – our Alumni Facebook group (which you should definitely join, by the way) – for their memories and some advice on how to make the most of your Graduation. Timeless advice, all in one handy survival guide blog.

“Wear comfy shoes that you can walk in!”Linzi Cochrane

“Bring an umbrella – it poured!”Fiona Creese (this year the forecast actually doesn’t seem too bad, but always a good shout in Scotland, Fiona.)

Don’t let the weather get you down.

“Have a pint in the pub beforehand to settle your nerves, but be prepared for bad weather if it’s held outdoors.”Richard Coffey

“Take lots of pictures and make it a memorable day”M. Kashf Mumtaz

But first…

“My brother and I graduated at the same ceremony, even though we were taking different subjects. I thought my parents would burst! Enjoy it – graduate in person if you can, and let those you love be there too.”Rebecca King

“My advice for anyone wearing a dress: bring safety pins! You need something to hold your robes to your outfit.”Jess Logan

“Bring lots of safety pins! Think of the grass and uneven ground when choosing what shoes to wear. Don’t wear a short dress or shirt that will be pulled up by the hood leaving parts of you exposed.”Philomena MacKinnon

The stage at Stirling's Graduation ceremony Summer 2015
One small walk.

“Don’t drink a bottle of red wine and spill half of it down the white shirt that you’ve got on hire from the kilt shop. #HadToSoakitinSaltForAges”Mark Lovell (wise words, Mark.)

There you have it – sage advice from people who’ve done Graduation all before.

Don’t fret. You can do this. Just make sure you read up on what you need to do on the day. Don’t forget to share your photos from the day using #StirGrad18!

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