Want to impress your Irish pals? Look no further! Here are 18 of our favourite Irish words and phrases, translated just for you nice people.

Bang on

Right, Accurate, Correct. You are bang on! 


Broken. This chair is banjaxed.


Fun. Going ons. What’s the craic? 

Your man/your one

Nothing to do with relationships (we know, shocking). Translates to “the guy” and “the girl” when you can’t remember their name.

Yeah, it’s a tricky one.


Actually is “your man” (i.e. your partner, husband or boyfriend). Is your fella going to be there?


Being embarrassed. Scarlet for your ma for havin’ ya!

Donkey’s years

For a very, very long time. They have lived there donkey’s years


A complete fool. You are such an eejit! 


Home. I will pop over to your gaff later.


Fool. He looks a right moran. 


Great. Usually in reply to how are you, how are you feeling or being told of a decision. That’s grand!


The toilet. I’m off to the jacks. 

How’s she cuttin’?

How are you?


A complete mess. I made a complete haymes of that essay.

Fair play

Well done. Fair play mate!

Acting the maggot

Fooling and messing around. Stop acting the maggot! 

Black stuff

Guinness. A pint of the black stuff please.

Bucketing down

Raining hard. It’s bucketing down.