My Stirling Experience – Priya Rawal

Priya in the Scottish Highlands

Following my blog post, “Finding my ground”, this blog is about what happened after. 

It’s been 9 memorable months, studying a Masters degree at the University of Stirling. 

It’s the time of the year when the sunsets are late in the evenings and the skies are alight all day and ‘night’.  

Since I got to Stirling, even on the rainiest day, a student can find something to do. It is a historical town and there are historical tourist sites for those who love history, such as the Stirling Castle, the National Wallace Monument, Stirling bridge and in the heart of the town, the Forth river flows.  

A town centre filled with students and locals alike, one can grab a bite or shop to their heart’s delight. There are pubs galore for those who like to explore. The outdoors are scenic, filled with parks and trails to hike, for those who like the unknown. A trip to the Highlands is worth every penny, as you learn about Scottish history, heritage and folklore. Yes, it’s true this is the land of the fairies and unicorns, when you visit Isle of Skye, Glenmore, Loch Ness and Ben Nevis, you will know why. 

Priya Rawal

The Masters degree at the University of Stirling kept me busy and made me bright. I learnt to manage diversity through cultural exchange and intellectual insight. My experience of the education I have received can be described as a journey of self-conquest. I study hard during the week and roam free in the outdoors on weekends, taking in the clean crisp air, the greenery and I am never bored. The university campus ground is a beauty I want to boast about, it is surrounded by hills, has a loch with birds and the national Wallace Monument is just behind the campus. 

Since I came to Stirling, my life changed for the better and I made new friends. Scottish, Chinese, African, Indian and Peruvian, I learn from them and they from me, with the spirit of community and wellbeing at the core of our beings.  

Beginnings sometimes can be tough and for me, it was the transition from working full time to studying full time. I learnt to become resilient and collaborate. I admit I wasn’t always great, but try I did as I believe its never too late to change. I worked on my patience and learnt to reflect more.  

I came to Stirling, a confused soul but as the year comes to an end, I am determined even more. For now, I know what I didn’t know, my writing in academia has improved, my knowledge about business renewed, I feel ready to join the big corporate world. 

If you’re looking to change, look no more, the University of Stirling helps you grow. I am proud I chose to study here as it has helped me to make a difference by empowering me to be the best version of me. 

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