How to have a productive reading week [TIPS]

Reading week is almost upon us. For some, it’s a golden opportunity to catch up on studies and consolidate learning. For others, a time to take a foot off the gas a little and chill out. However you spend your reading week, make it worth your while. Here are five tips on how to have a productive reading week.

Make a plan

All great things start with a plan. Draw up a rough plan of what you want to cover in your week away from studies – making sure you cover the key elements of your classes. Whether it’s revision or essays, having structure can keep you focused over the course of the week.

Find a comfortable study space

Having a comfortable, quiet study space makes for distraction-free learning, so try to find a nice airy spot with a window. Natural light and visual stimulus has been proven as good for your concentration – and your health.

cat preening on desk with window natural light on wooden desk home office
Find a study spot with natural light. Pets optional.

Use your time efficiently

It’s all good having a plan (see above), but you also need to be able to use your time efficiently in order to stick to a plan. The Pomodoro technique is a great way to focus on a single task at a time – set a timer for 25 minutes and concentrate on that single task until the timer’s up, then take a 5 minute break.

Do something different

Whilst it’s important to actually do some reading over reading week, take the opportunity to do something different. Go out with friends, visit family, go to the cinema – do whatever you enjoy doing to chill out and take a wee break from study.

duplo lego photographer with camera in front of plants
Do something different. Photography’s our fave way to chill out.

Hydrate, eat and exercise

Your brain works best when it’s hydrated. Make sure you keep its thirst quenched by keeping a bottle of water nearby when you’re studying. It’s also important to eat regularly and get out every now and then for some exercise – even 15-20 minutes in the fresh air will do wonders for your body and mind.

glass of water with mint leaves on wooden table
Jazz up regular water with fresh mint, cucumber or lemon wedges.

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