4 Reasons you need to attend Virtual Offer Holder Day

A University of Stirling student talks to prospective students at Applicant Day.

This is it. You’ve finished your UCAS application, got a handful of offers back and now it’s time to pick where you’re going to study in September. Deciding where you want to go to uni is incredibly exciting. But it can also be a little bit tricky – especially when you’ve got competing offers.

That’s why the University of Stirling has a Virtual Offer Holder Day exclusively for applicants just like you! We want to refresh your memory and remind you exactly why you belong at Stirling – not to mention provide more detailed information and give you the chance to ask us everything you need to know in order to help you make an informed decision.

So, what exactly happens at a Virtual Offer Holder Day? And more importantly, why is it so important that offer holders attend?

1. You’ll get to explore campus

As part of Virtual Offer Holder Day, you’ll get a feel for our courses, learn about student support services, find out about funding, take a virtual tour of campus and more. You can even live chat with current students about what it’s really like living and studying here

2. You’ll learn more about your course

As part of Virtual Offer Holder Day, you’ll get the chance to chat with academic staff about your chosen subject. You can quiz them all about what to expect from your course, what you’ll learn and the type of coursework you’ll be doing. We’ll also have plenty of current students available to give you their perspective and offer honest answers to all the questions you’ve got about studying at Stirling.

3. You’ll find out all about our flexible structure

Do you know exactly what you’d like to study at university? Are you still trying figure out your options? Here at Stirling, flexibility is built into our curriculum.

After you’ve chosen Stirling and accepted your offer, you’ll get to sign up for three modules to take in your first semester. One of those modules needs to be in the degree you picked, but the other two could be from any one of the almost 70 undergraduate courses we offer.

We have over 220 combinations to choose from, and you’ll be allowed to continue with these subjects – or keep on trying new ones – until halfway through your second year. After that, we’ll ask you to decide: do you want to combine subjects, keep focusing on your original choice or switch to another course entirely?

At Virtual Offer Holder Day, our team will explain everything there is to know about our flexible structure and how you can switch or combine subjects during your time at Stirling.

4. You’ll meet your new friends

You might have applied to Stirling because you were attracted to one of our courses – but the truth is, we’re about a whole lot more than essays and world-class degrees. Our sprawling Students’ Union is home to more than 120 clubs, teams and societies.

That means no matter what you’re into, we’ve got a club for you. It’s a great way to settle in, make friends and discover your passions at uni.

We’ve got everything from anime and volleyball to videogames, American football, business, politics and Quidditch. By attending Virtual Offer Holder Day, you’ll get to chat with reps from some of our biggest and brightest student clubs and get a taste of what’s in store.

So, what are you waiting for? You’ve already made a great choice by applying to Stirling. Now let us show you why this is where you belong.

Virtual Offer Holder Day is on Saturday 17 April.

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