Pokemon GO on campus – our fave PokeStops

We’re going to put this out there – Pokemon GO is fun. Insanely fun.

Pokemon Go what now?

Remember that game everyone used to play? It’s that, redux. With augmented reality.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, Pokemon GO is a free-to-play mobile game on iOS and Android which makes use of augmented reality and Google Maps. Hunting Pokemon is as easy as walking around with your phone’s GPS/location active and using a simple swipe to throw a PokeBall (pro-tip: campus is hoaching with Pokemon – especially Jynx and Clefairy for some reason).

Like it, love it or detest – Pokemon GO is encouraging people of all ages to get out there and be active in the hunt for Pokemon – and if you need to stock up on some PokeBalls on your treks around campus, we’ve pulled together some of the main PokeStops.

There’s loads more for you to discover, as well as several gyms on campus. Go get that defender bonus!

Show me the money!

These are just some of our favourite PokeStops – but there are many more around campus (we think there’s over thirty!) for you to discover.

BONUS: Pokemon Go hints and tips

Here’s some of the best hints and tips for Pokemon GO we’ve found:

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