Postgraduate Perspective – Aliya Kenjegalieva

Aliya Kenjegalieva

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It’s always exciting and worrying to choose which university to go. For me, people and environment are as important as the course and university rank. Stirling has a good reputation in terms of research and teaching, but when you travel as an overseas student you also want to feel safe just as you would feel at home. I found that Stirling is the place that gives you this feeling.


The Stirling campus is stunning. It’s like a small part of nature in University. There are ducks, swans and squirrels all around. It’s very relaxing just walking around the loch and to be in nature. The campus creates a sense of a community, you can fully enjoy the student life here. If you are thinking about staying here for couple of years, you will notice how much difference this makes.

Stirling has wonderful facilities, there are many cafeterias and restaurants and also a pharmacy and a GP. If you like sport, you can join different sports clubs, train in the gym orn your own or attend fitness classes which even beginners can do.


The university staff are always friendly, they helped me with everything from settling down, providing library induction and finding useful workshops. There is so much information on the university website, social media and notice boards you can use to keep up to date on everything that is going on in and around campus.

In The Economics Division, I can approach any staff member and they will be willing to have a quick chat to discuss my questions or concerns. In their busy schedule they usually always find time to help. I have been seeing this support in every aspect of my student life since I have moved to Stirling. This friendly environment motivates me in my studies because you know there are people there to help.

Application Process

As an international student, I expected the application process to be long and stressful. Surprisingly, the whole process of my application went very smoothly and quickly.  Staff, both in the Management School and Admissions were so supportive, helping me with all the difference aspects of the process and contacting me to inform me how it was progressing. The international advisors were also a great help in assisting me with my visa application.

The Future

I am pleased to be studying at the University of Stirling. After I finish my PhD, I would like to pursue a career in academia (working for a university like Stirling would be amazing!). Stirling gives me the knowledge and practice to become a successful lecturer, but it also gives me the experience I need in becoming a good researcher in economics. There is also an Academic Development team who have different seminars and workshops to help me become an efficient teacher. You can also apply and obtain a certificate as a recognised teacher in Higher Education. There are opportunities to attend different funded workshops and conferences all over the world and to create networks and collaborations with researchers from other universities and countries.

Stirling University is a fantastic place to be, to obtain new knowledge and to make friends for life.

Aliya, PhD in Economics at the University of Stirling.

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