Clearing for Teachers: What You Need to Know

The UCAS Clearing process can be stressful for students – and Clearing for teachers can be just as stressful. Be ready with our super quick guide.

Make plans for you & students

Plans can change rapidly on Results Day, so it’s worth bearing in mind the power of a good strategy. Make sure your students all have plans and contingency plans for best and worst-case scenarios. Explore their options, including courses and potential routes into study.

Similarly, prepare yourself for dealing with the inevitable range of outcomes across your class(es). Some students will be elated, others, disappointed.

Prepare for difficult reactions

Emotions will certainly run high on Results Day. Whilst it can be hard for students, Clearing for teachers can be emotionally draining. Steel yourself for some frank, difficult conversations.

Elation or disappointment – be prepared for both

Be ready to support students

Students may not get the results they hope for, but there still may be a chance to join us at the University of Stirling. Here are a few things students can do to pre-empt Results Day:

  1. Register an interest for Clearing at the University of Stirling
  2. Practice phone interview prep if Clearing looks like an option
  3. Call our Clearing and Exam Helpline on or around Results Day: (+44) 01786 466166

It may be worthwhile setting aside some quiet space to talk to students who haven’t done as well as they may have hoped.

A last note on Clearing for teachers

Students will be looking to you for guidance on Results Day – perhaps even before they turn to their parents. Plans may change at a moment’s notice, so it’s important that students feel reassured.

It may be the case that applying next year may be a better option depending on results – but it’s always worth picking up the phone and speaking to our specialist admissions staff ((+44) 01786 466166) to see if there’s anything we can do.

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