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Postgraduate Clearing

Postgraduate student at the University of Stirling

Are you trying to secure a place on a Masters course? You may have heard of a quick and simple way to obtain last-minute degree places called UCAS Clearing. Unfortunately, the Clearing process only applies to those who are on the hunt for undergraduate places – postgraduate Clearing isn’t really a thing. But don’t let

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How to Choose the Right Course for You

Think about what you really want to do This is the first step. Think broadly at first – what are you into? If it helps, write down or draw up all of your interests in a list or mind map. From there you can start an informed search to choose the right course (ProTip: the

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Return to Study after a Break – Here’s How

Return to study - a female student studying with books and notepads.

Readying yourself for return to study isn’t easy. It can be hard to rewire your brain from working or family life back into study mode – particularly if you’ve had a break from the books since undergraduate life. Here are a few tips to help ease that transition. Consider how you’ll study Deciding on how

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